Places Of Interest


Wall Of Coke™

The Wall of Coke™ is 1.5m high. It was built from winter 1998 to summer 1998, mainly by the consumptive powers of Dave Lake and Dave Tresham but also by anyone they could give a can to. The Wall was designed with structural reinforcement to withstand normal operating conditions.

Normal operating conditions did not include impact loading caused by a slightly tipsy Hilltopian falling into the Wall. The unfortunate event happend in the winter of 1999. The Wall was never repaired and continued to fall into decay over the next few years. Currently there are plans underway to reinstate the Wall of Coke™ to it's original glory.

Actual Picture of the Wall of Coke™

Wall of Coke™ - Actual Image

Artist's Rendition of the Wall of Coke™

Wall of Coke™ - Artist's Rendition

Tower Of Coke™

Standing approximately 2m tall was the Tower of Coke™. The Tower was envisioned by Arden Tuck. It was constructed in the fall of 1998. It was comprised not only of Coke™ Classic cans, but also Diet and Caffeine Free cans. The top 2 layers were gold, followed by 3 layers of silver, and the rest the classic red. The Tower stood tall beside the Wall until the summer of 1999 when excessive wind loading caused the eventual destruction of the Tower of Coke™.

The Dungeon
The Dungeon The Dungeon wasn't even discovered the first year of Hilltop! It was left as alone until in summer 1999 when the guys were painting the basement. They decided to take a little artistic licence and volia! Shown is the Dungeon with Arden durring a study break.

Ironically, this is where the end of Hilltopians living at Hilltop occured. The landlord hired an incompotent contractor to fix some leak in the Dungeon. The resulting chemical release, and the landlord's inability to act or care, eventually drove the residing Hilltopians from the house forever.

The Stoop And The Hilltop Sign
Hilltop's Stoop and Sign The stoop has always been a great place for Hilltopians to relax, talk and (of course) enjoy a fine cup'o jo. Located right at the front of the house over looking the road, the stoop is a great place to think, talk, and discuss various cars that pass by.

Hilltop's sign was created by Steve McEvoy in the fall of 1999. Many people in the surrounding area now know Hilltop by it's sign and ask about it. People even as far away as Guelph have commented on it. It serves as a beacon in the night for... uh... I can't think of anyone, but it's cool and very Hilltopian.

Main Floor Bathroom

Aside from having all the normal things in a household bathroom, the main floor bathroom sports a set of urinals. Although they haven't worked since they were installed . . .

Another item of note is the shower head. It sings. Early in the morning and late at night the singing shower can be heard emanating from the bathroom. One of the many things that add to the character of Hilltop! Update: the shower head stopped singing about 3 months after it was installed. Not really sure why but it did. Ah well, less headaches :)


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