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If you had an account in the 2001 log, you'll have to create a new one. The old one is long gone.

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Go direct to the comments page if you already have an account!

I will try my best to keep email address, and passwords off the public pages on this site; however, you may wish to not give them if you're not sure that you want it public knowledge.

Please note: we're not using encryption anywhere. So whatever you do please, please don't post credit card information, or expect the 'private' pages to be truly private. It would also be best not to use sensitive passwords such as the one for your ISP.

If you attempt to post nastygrams/flames/spam or anything else I don't like I will likely remove your account.

That said, there are no rules about who may join the weblog. It's mainly intended for Hilltopians and their friends to keep in contact, but we'll likely welcome you anyway.

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