Hilltop Pets


Caesar Caesar is a beagle (Dogusstinkusmuchus). Caesar is Dave Ponka's dog and first came to Hilltop with him in the fall term of 1998. When Dave moved back home he couldn't bring Caesar home with him. So Caesar stayed at Hilltop. He stayed from the fall term until then next summer. In that time Caesar had many many adventures with the various Hilltopians that he lived with. Unfortunatly, Caesar didn't like the student atmosphere and never really settled in. Caesar was eventually taken under the wings of the Tresham family where he is enjoying himself thoroughly.

 Esau Esau is a leopard gecko (Lizardusliveus- inHilltopusaloneusforamonthus). He is/was Grant's lizard and came to Hilltop in the fall of 1998. Esau managed to escape from his cage at the end of the next winter term and lived in the house for a month! Dave Lake caught him late one evening and Esau remaind quietly in his cage again. Until summer 2000. Esau escaped from his cage again and was never found, dead or alive. It is possible that he could still be alive somewhere in the house. After he was captured the first time the guys noticed that he was eating well and had gained weight. It has been a long time since anyone's last seen him, but you never know.

Jacob Jacob is an iguana (Lizardusstinkus- morethanusEsauus). Jacob was another of Grant's lizards. He came in the summer of 1999 and left a month later. Jacob was an interesting pet, especially when Grant let him run around his room and he tended to distroy things when Grant wasn't looking. Unfortunatly, taking care of an iguana was more time consuming than Grant had anticipated. Besides that Jacob made his room stink to high heaven. This resulted in a short stay at Hilltop for Jacob.


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