Below is what you could have gotten if you had lived at Hilltop before the disaster.


Loft Blueprint
area: 15.6 sq.m (168.0 sq.ft)
2 Windows
Crawl space for storage

Attic Blueprint
area: 11.6 sq.m (124.8 sq.ft)
1 Window
Crawl space for storage

Livingroom Blueprint
Living Room
area: 14.8 sq.m (160.3 sq.ft)
2 Windows

Frontroom Blueprint
Front Room
area: 10.2 sq.m (110.2 sq.ft)
1 Window

Backroom Blueprint
Back Room
area: 10.2 sq.m (110.2 sq.ft)
1 Window
House Blueprint
  • Rent was $290/month
  • Utilities extra (usually ~$50/month in winter, ~$40/month in summer)
  • Rooms can be furnished (bed, desk, chairs, sofa, book shelves) or bring your own stuff :)
  • 2 bathrooms, one with bath/shower the other just shower
  • *Brand NEW washer and dryer*, and freezer
  • 10-15 minute walk to UW campus
  • Lots of parking space

  • There is usually a house network with server/router, hub, and cables
  • BYONC (bring your own network card) but there might be some extra...
  • We are also hooked up via DSL and sometimes have cable. Cost is split evenly


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